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Spicy Bangkok's Wheel of Yummys!

Updated: Mar 2

Terms & Conditions:

- 每天前20名客户 | First 20 customers per day

- 总账单需缴纳消费税8% | Total Bill is subjected to GST8%

- 出示传单,至少购买任何火锅套餐,可获得1次旋转机会 | Present the flyer and with a minimum purchase of any hotpot set, get 1 spin

- 每桌最少消费$25,可获得第二轮旋转 | Min. $25 per table spending, get 2nd spin.

- 不可兑换物品 | Not exchangeable of items.

- 免费套装只适用于你所订购的同一套 | Free set is only applicable to the same set you ordered.

- 如果你拍下传单的照片给我们看,则无效 | Not valid if you take photo of the flyer to show us.

- 不适用于没有传单的上门顾客 | Not Valid for walk-in customers without flyers.

- 促销有效期为一个月 | Promotion valid for one month.

- 管理层保留修改促销条款和条件的权利,恕不另行通知 | Management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the promotion without prior notice.

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